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That One Moment in Ballet West's Carmina Burana

We’re launching a new series we’re calling “That One Moment,” where we take a performance or a piece of art and we break it down.

We’re starting with Nicolo Fonte, resident choreographer for Ballet West. He’s just designed a new production of Carmina Burana. It has this gorgeous, intimate pas de deux, but it’s physically risky for the dancers. Fonte says when he creates a moment, he wants to push the limits so the audience will feel it.

... with principal artists Beckanne Sisk and Chase O'Connell.

Ballet West performs Carmina Burana November 3-11, 2017. For more information visit

Subtitulos en español disponibles. Haga clic en el botón "CC" (en el menú del video) para activarlos. Gracias a Marco Pérez.

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