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High Line Slack Line

Meet Travis Pitcher and Joseph LeBaron. They're the founders of The Good Line. It's a production company based in Salt Lake City focused on short films and viral videos.

Travis and Joseph are both from Utah and they describe what they do as telling stories that connect people in intimate and sincere ways, and they travel the world to make their films. We're excited about working with The Good Line and we're counting on them to discover some of those  stories right here.

Joseph and Travis shot this piece last year in Rock Canyon, east of Provo and it offers a view most of us will never see. They partnered with Gibbon Slacklines and Hansen Mountaineering in Orem. The film features professional slackliners Josh Beaudoin and Mickey Wilson and it's about finding the courage to step off the edge when all your instincts are telling  you not to. 

The Good Line

Music, Micah Dahl Anderson,

Gibbon Slacklines,

Hansen Mountaineering,

Aerial photography: PixAir Productions

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